Head to Toe

Back and Shoulders Stand up as tall as you can, feet parallel and hip width apart. Lengthen arms up and down, as in the images above. This is a dynamic stretch, one where you keep moving. Slowly take both extended arms back, arching your back and pushing forward your chest and ribcage. Slowly, in a flowing motion, return to your starting posiiton and change sides again and again. Stretch for about 60s.  

The Banana This is probably the best all over body stretch. Stand one arm length from the wall. Take the leg furthest away from the wall and cross it behind your wall leg. Bend both knees a tiny, tiny bit. Stand up as tall as you can and then extend the hip that is furthest from the wall out towards the middle of the room, like a curved banana. Take the arm that is furthest from the wall and bring it intially, with your hand tucking behind your neck. If you can stretch further, keeping your back tall and yet banana-shaped, then extend the arm fully towards the wall. Hold the stretch for at least 20s and keep thinking tall rather than ribcage protruded forward. Change sides.