Running Stretches

Ankle This is a great stretch for your Achilles tendons and a good stretch if you suffer from plantar fascitis.
Hang your heels over the edge of a bottom stair for 20s to 30s. (Optional).
Ankle Stair

Neck Stand tall with your shoulder blades relaxed down your spine.Start with your head relaxed, central, chin to chest. Gently and slowly roll your head to the right, on top of your shoulder. Slowly lower your head and roll it through the central position and through to the top of your left shoulder. Repeat 5 times. (Optional).               

   Arm Arm (See picture left) Take your left arm across your body, close to your chest. Hold with your right arm, before or after the elbow joint. Hold the stretch for 20s to 30s. Swap sides. (Optional).

Triceps (See picture right) Take your arm behind you and draw it down between your shoulder blades. If you are flexible you can interlace your top arm with your lower arm. Again hold for 20s to 30s and swap sides. (Optional).


IBS   Illotibial Band/Back This is just a great stretch. Both sides, hold for 20s to 30s.              

Hamstring Make sure you have good posture and keep your feet square and tight. Hold for 20s to 30s each side.

   Hamstring A   Hamstring B        
Quad B                                 Quad B            Quadriceps Make sure your posture is tall and your pelvis is square and facing forward. Then draw your ankle up in towards your buttocks. Hold each stretch for 20s to 30s. If you can, after 20s increase the stretch keeping your hips forward. Quad B
Leg Adductor Keep your feet facing forward slowly stretch to one side keeping your
knee over your foot. Hold for 20s to 30s and swap to the other side.
Adductors AAdductor B


 Glute A Glute Gently lower down, without tilting to one side. Hold the stretch on each side for 20s to 30s.  Glute D
Back A Back Walk your arms down to the floor. If you can, walk your hands backwards. Hold the stretch, gently breathing for 20s to 30s.  Back B