Holiday Homework

Warm Up

Stand up and rotate your shoulders both ways

Gently take your head to the left (20s) and then the right (20s)

Rotate at the hips clockwise and then anticlockwise

Small pelvic tilts x 5 slow

Small pelvic tilts double time x 10

2 x roll downs


Lie on your back, legs bent, knees and ankles together. Slowly lower right knee and engage core to bring knee back to centre. Repeat 4 times. Swap legs. Repeat with both legs.

Small hip arcs starting small and getting larger.

Stretch - Hug your knees into your chest for 20s.

Single leg circles. Point x 5 circles, each 5s then flex x 5 circles, each 5s. Swap legs.

Stretch - Lie on your back, legs hip width apart and rotate ankles both ways.

The 100's

Stretch - Lie on back and roll legs out from hip and then roll back in. Slowly x 5.

Lie on your back, frog feet and knees wide, legs in. Point, knees together push legs away. Repeat 5 times slowly. Repeat 5 times with frog feet, push away legs and point feet and knees together and bring legs in.

Lie on back, bend knees, take knees to left. Arms long over head and crunch up slowly x 10. Swap legs to right and slow crunches x 10.

Stretch - Spine coil by lying on back, bend knees and take knees to right and head to left. Hold 20s and then swap sides.

Lie on back and roll up into shoulder bridge, 6s up 6s hold high and 6s down. Repeat 8s, repeat 10s.

Stretch - In 4 point kneeling slowly circle hips 5 x left, 5 x right.

Superman, in 4 point kneeling, using opposite arm and leg. Slowly out, take 3s, hold out 3s, slowly in 3s. Swap sides. Reapt 5 x each side. Strong people start with knees furtehr back.

Stretch and Cool Down

Child pose or lie down with hips glued to floor. Walk hands to left and hold for 20s, swap side and hold again.

Sit up and bring feet close into body with knees out to side. Hinge at waist and lean forward and hold and breathe.

Side quad stretch.

Stand up and draw shoulder blades together and hold.

Round back, arms forwards and stretch.

Have a great break, see you on 31st August!