At last a Pilates class where I can come on a different day each week.

I started Pilates with Ilana after having my 2nd baby. She's brilliant! If I miss a couple of weeks, my back starts aching again, but as soon as I go back, it feels amazing. Pilates had been brilliant for both my body and mind. I had never done it before and thoroughly recommend Ilana.

I really love your class, you have converted me and changed the opinions I had of Pilates. Thanks again for a great class.

My muscle spasms in my back are under control and only come back when I miss class for a few weeks.

My hip used to be a big problem but the pain has gone since I've been doing Pilates once a week. 

Thanks so much! Oh and your classes were definitely better than the London ones! You're a great instructor!

"Half the class consisted of medical professionals no less senior than a GP Partner".

I wanted to include more strength work into my Pilates and I have at last found a class that works for me.

My oesteopath says that I need to keep working with Ilana as my back is so much improved to where I was last year.

I have never been able to roll down and touch my toes on the floor - and now I can.

The classes are always fresh.

I chose to come because I can pay ahead, pay less and yet go away on holiday without losing any of my money.

Thank you for making pain enjoyable!

"I try and come twice and week and I am much stronger, more flexible (even including my hamstrings) and I have core strength!"

"I'm so pleased I started again. My back has already improved. Less pain. I'm so much happier.

"Since starting classes my golf swing is a lot easier and I can hit the ball much further."

"As long as I don't miss a class I can keep my back from aching."

"Since regularly attending this class from the beginning (about 3 months) I have noticed a marked personal improvement in flexibility (my main problem) and now have definition in my stomach and legs, which was never achieved with years at the gym."

Thanks Ilana, great class, brilliant exercises, great results!"

"Welcoming and friendly classes with some regular male attendees."

"A year attending Pilates classes with bubbly Ilana leading the group, is always fun, while helping me feel better in myself through the exercises."

"I've really enjoyed taking part in Ilana's Pilates classes; they have been fun as well as challenging, and Ilana is flexible enough to let students work at their own pace while engaging the whole class with her warmth and enthusiasm."

" The Advanced Hard Core Class... The exercises are for the more advanced/fitter person, committed to regular attendance. It's certainly challenging with a well structured, strongly led interesting programme with a varied workout. It's virtually impossible to be bored." 

"I have a really bad back following a road accident. I was very careful selecting a new teacher who would help me. 

Ilana understands what works, she varies the exercises, adapts them for me, which helps me tremendously and I enjoy turning up. I feel taller and more flexible when I finish and if I miss a week I feel worse." 

"I fully recommend these classes if you are pregnant".